1. Question: What is included in the Eurochance100 package?

Answer: Answer:Eurochance100 is a service organised by the DTD European Services Ltd, Eurochance100's system enables you to play as part of a 100 strong lottery syndicate, providing you with the highest chances of winning for a low monthly fee. Each Eurochance100 syndicate receives the following guarantees:

Eurochance100 Syndicate Guarantee 1: Your Eurochance100 syndicate will have at least 5 combinations in which one or more of the 5 main numbers drawn will appear.

Eurochance100 Syndicate Guarantee 2: Your Eurochance100 syndicate will match both individual lucky star numbers 10 times in each Euro millions draw.

Eurochance100 Syndicate Guaranteed 3: Your Eurochance100 syndicate tips will also include the correct lucky star combination in each Euro millions draw.

Eurochance100 will include one combination based on each members personal lucky numbers. Each Eurochance100 syndicate the equivalent of 208 boards per week in the Euro millions Lottery.

Our services provide you with syndicate organisation, monthly updates relating to your successes i.e. winning amounts for your Eurochance100 syndicate, and your syndicates board allocation for your next playing period.

2. Question: How do I know with which numbers I am playing?

Answer: As soon as your Eurochance100 syndicate is complete, your playing numbers, optimised by our computer programme, will be forwarded to you per post. You will receive them prior to each playing period commencing.

3. Question: How do I pay for my Lotto numbers?

Answer: To insure that no extra costs arise during your participation, we use a Direct Debit payment system where your personal details are supplied by you and protected by your banks security system. To insure maximum security your personal data is transferred in code. In addition, this system enables Eurochance100 to transfer your winnings directly and safely into your personal bank account.

4. Question: When do we receive payment from our successful Eurochance100 syndicate?

Answer: All successful Eurochance100 syndicate winnings are transferred to the winning syndicate members' online account at the end of each membership period. You can access your on-line account via the Eurochance100 Portal or make a direct enquiry per e-mail. Upon request all outstanding credit will be transferred directly into your personal bank account. (Small transfers may incur a bank charge). Each Eurochance100 winning syndicate member is entitled to a 1/100 share in their successful Eurochance100 syndicate winnings

5. Question: How secure is the system used to transfer my personal details?

Answer: To insure maximum security, all personal details suppled to Eurochance100 are transferred in code. This advanced encoding system guaranties that your personal details cannot be mistakenly used for any other purpose, or used by anyone else. Your encoded details will not be passed on to a third party, or sold for financial gain.

6. Question: What happens when I win?

Answer: Of course Eurochance100 will inform you of your successes in the form of an written update following each playing period. You can see how much we have deposited into your on-line account. Any winnings will be automatically transferred once per month to your nominated bank account. Your will receive 1/100th of your Eurochance100 syndicates winnings, which are paid out to you by DTD European Services Ltd. You can check your numbers, winnings and personal details at any time you, by simply logging on to the Eurochance100 home page. Winnings amounts are calculated and paid out based upon official confirmation of winning Euro Millions numbers, amounts and DTD European Services Ltd has collected all due winnings.

7. Question: What happens if I neglect to pay my participation fees on time?

Answer: If there are not sufficient funds in your nominated bank account to cover the monthly participation fees you will not be allocated syndicate and will not participate in the associated months playing period. DTD may send you a bill to cover administration costs each time you do not honor your membership payment agreement.

8. Question: What is a Eurochance100 game account?

Answer: DTD European Services Ltd holds your winnings in an on-line virtual account on your behalf. You may request these winnings to be transferred at any time. You can request transfer via our internet portal in your log in area, by post or e-mail.

9. Question: How do I know if my application was successful?

Answer: You will be sent a confirmation letter from Eurochance100 following your verbal agreement. Enclosed you will find a copy of your participation contract, for your personal records. In addition, you are able to check your participation status on-line, in your personal log in area, any time you wish. Here you can also see which Eurochance100 boards you have been allocated for the current playing period. You welcoming letter should arrive 10 days before any membership fees are due.

10. Question: What is a Playing Period?

Answer: A single playing-period runs from 15th of the month until the 14th of the following month. Our standard contract length (Membership Period) is three playing-periods (three months). You have the opportunity to cancel your ongoing membership anytime up to four weeks prior to the end of the final (3rd) playing period; otherwise your membership will automatically continue until we receive a cancellation request from you.

11. Question: What do my fees cover?

Answer: Your fees pay for DTD European Services Administration costs, Eurochance100 syndicate membership, your monthly updates in the form of a letter, continual updating of our internet portal. Your fees are not used to purchase lottery tickets directly, nor will you receive lottery tickets. Tickets in the Euro Millions lottery are purchased by and are the sole property of DTD European Services Ltd. DTD European Services Ltd will distribute, free of charge, any winnings received to members of Eurochance100 syndicates whose allocated numbers correctly match those of the winning tickets purchased in the weekly draw of the Euro Million Lottery. The amount distributed to each Eurochance100 member will equal 1/100th of that syndicates winning total.

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