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Free Haggle-Card Membership: Eurochance 100 works in co-operation with one of Europeís most distributed and respected cash back cards, the Haggle-Card. Upon membership you will receive full membership into the Haggle Network absolutely free. Your membership entitles you to use the exclusive Haggle online shopping portal where simply through making everyday purchases on-line you will not only receive the normal supplier discounts but also substantial cash returns from the Haggle Group. Thatís right; Haggle will grant you a further discount over and above that of the original supplier. This comes in the form of a cash deposit made directly into your bank account. These cash deposits can range from a small incentive of around 3 % up to a whopping 30% on some items or services. Think about it, by using the Haggle-card regularly you will be effectively financing your Eurochance 100 membership!
Winning Systems: Eurochance 100 incorporates Europe's 3 most successful lottery winning systems. We can guarantee that your syndicate will strike every main number drawn at least once, you will have each lucky star number draw 10 times and the correct lucky star combination at least once. Here's how:
Low Cost: Just the price alone should convince you. £11/wk for a weekly share in over 200 boards, that's around 5p per board! No one can offer you the same benefits at anywhere near that price. Remember that our maximum individual payout could be as much as £1,25m. Plus we will give you one full year Haggle-Card membership absolutely free.
Easy Payment: Never miss out on your chance on winning again. Eurochance 100 works with the AUDDIS Paperless Direct Debit/Credit system. This system allows us to make winning payments and your Haggle-Card refunds directly into your account, and withdraw your monthly fees comfortably and securely. This system is controlled, for your security, by BACS approved software and includes the Direct Debit Guarantee. This means your bank will credit your account immediately in the event of any error caused by us.

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