Please read these terms carefully. These are the legally-binding terms that govern your membership of Eurochance 100 and the services we provide to members of Eurochance 100. By becoming a member of Eurochance 100 and participating in the services, you indicate your acceptance of these terms.

Words highlighted in italics are defined at the end of these terms.


We are DTD European Services Limited (company number 6004362 registered in England and Wales). Our services are provided for the enjoyment of the participants.


Payment of the membership fee

In return for our accepting you as a member of Eurochance 100, you agree to pay us the membership fee. The membership fee is payable on the first day of each month, to cover the playing period beginning on the 15th day of that month. We will deduct the membership fee for each playing period by the means we have agreed with you (either direct debit from your bank account or period payment from your credit card, as agreed).

Changes to the membership fee

We will not change the membership fee during your minimum membership period of three playing periods (see "Cancellation of membership by you", below). After that period, we may increase the membership fee at any time by giving you at least six weeks' prior written notice.

Direct debit guarantee

If you pay by direct debit then you have the protection of the direct debit guarantee (see below). Under this, you are entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society if any error is made in respect of a direct debit payment.

This does not affect your obligation to pay the membership fee, and we reserve the right to require payment of any membership fee by other means should any direct debit payment be refunded under the direct debit guarantee.


Membership of the syndicate

For each playing period, we allocate you to a syndicate. Each syndicate contains 100 members.

Allocation of numbers

Each syndicate has 208 boards allocated to it, as described in the game description. We buy these boards in our own name and on our own behalf and select the numbers on each board as set out in the game description. Even though the boards are purchased in our name and on our own behalf, we will provide you of your syndicate's numbers to enable you to share in the enjoyment of the Euromillions lottery draw experience. You acknowledge that the odds of your syndicate winning the Euromillions lottery draw are the same as the odds published by the official Euromillions lottery provider.

Monthly updates

At the end of each playing period, we will send you a statement reporting on your syndicate's performance during the playing period that has just finished and notifying you of your new syndicate's numbers for the playing period that has just started.

Changes to the game description

We may alter the game description in a way that does not reduce the average expected proceeds for your syndicate from each draw by posting a new game description on our website, and the new game description will then take effect from the start of the next playing period.

In the highly unlikely event that any change in the game description will reduce the average expected proceeds for your syndicate from each draw, we will notify you of this at least six weeks prior to the new game description taking effect.


Prize money and proceeds

Following each draw, we will receive, in our own name and on our own behalf, any prize money received on the boards. In respect of prize money received by us, we will calculate the proceeds for each syndicate - that is, the corresponding prize amount payable by the UK Euromillions operator (Camelot) for boards purchased in the UK in respect of a draw, regardless of where the boards are in fact purchased.

Payments to you

We agree to pay each member of the syndicate an amount equal to one-hundredth of the proceeds for your syndicate ("your share"), following receipt by us of the corresponding prize money from Euromillions. We will pay your share into your membership account. If your share from any draw exceeds 100,000, then we will notify you of this by telephone.

When we make payments to your bank account

We will pay directly into your bank account the balance on your membership account when that balance reaches 15 at the end of a playing period. Upon any cancellation of your membership, we will pay directly into your bank account an amount equal to the balance on your membership account at the close of the final day of your membership. We will transfer the money within fifteen working days after the final day of your membership. You may also request that we pay the balance on your membership account to you at the end of a playing period even when this balance is less than 15. To request payment, please contact us by email to info@eurochance100.co.uk

Payment times

Please note in all cases that a furtherperiod of up to a week may elapse after we transmit any payment, before the money arrives in your bank account.

Bank charges

We will never charge you for making payments from your membership account. However, your own bank may impose charges on the receipt of those payments which are outside of our control, meaning the amount you receive is a bit less than the amount shown in your membership account. Your bank will be able to give you more details about their charges.


Initial cancellation period

This agreement will commence when we take the first membership fee payment from your bank account. You can cancel this agreement without obligation at any time during the initial cancellation period by using the model cancellation form provided (a copy of which is attached below), but this is not obligatory. To effectively cancel this agreement, you must send your notice within the initial cancellation period, although we do not have receive it within this period.

The initial cancellation period begins on the day this agreement does, and ends on the expiry of fourteen days after (and including) that day.

We will not begin providing services to you, or entering you into a playing period until the initial cancellation period has finished.

Once the services have commenced, you will not be able to cancel this agreement until the end of the minimum membership period, as set out below.

Cancellation of membership by you

The minimum membership period is three playing periods, unless you cancel during the initial cancellation period as described above.

If you wish to cancel your membership after the initial cancellation period then you must notify us of this by post or email. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the next playing period (or at the end of the minimum membership period, if later).

Cancellation of membership by us

We may cancel your membership in any of the following circumstances:

  1. If you fail to pay the membership fee on time, or if you commit a serious breach of these terms.
  2. If you do not meet our membership qualifications (see "Membership qualifications", below).
  3. If we withdraw or substantially change Eurochance 100.


Eurochance 100 is designed for amusement only. Membership is open only to UK residents aged 18 or over. If we become aware that you are not a UK resident or are aged under 18 then we reserve the right to cancel your membership immediately. We will refund the membership fee for the then-current playing period, but you will not be entitled to any proceeds from that playing period.


In addition to sharing in the enjoyment of Eurochance 100, as a member of Eurochance 100, you are entitled to twelve months' free membership of "Haggle Card", a service provided by DTD Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH. Using your Haggle Card, you can obtain cashback payments on purchases made from Haggle Card partners using the Haggle Card website.

This offer is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Membership of Haggle Card is subject to separate terms and conditions, to which you will need to agree in order to become a member of Haggle Card.
  2. Haggle Card is a separate service operated by DTD Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH, and we have no liability to you in relation to the Haggle Card service.
  3. This offer is only available to new members of Haggle Card. It does not apply if you are already a member of Haggle Card at the time you become a member of Eurochance 100 or have been a member of Haggle Card at any time during the period of six months before becoming a member of Eurochance 100.


Our obligation to make payments of proceeds to you is dependent upon our receiving the corresponding prize money. If we do not receive prize money for any reason that does not arise from our negligence or other fault, then we will have no obligation to make any payments of proceeds to you in connection with that prize money.


  • we do not receive prize money (and hence do not make payments of the corresponding proceeds to you) because of any negligence or other fault by us or by any person acting on our behalf; or
  • if you suffer any other loss or damage because of any other failure by us to comply with these terms or because of any negligence or other fault by us or by any person acting on our behalf,

then our maximum liability to you for each claim (or series of connected claims) arising as a result is limited to ten times the monthly membership fee in force at the time the claim (or first in the series of claims) arises.

This limit does not apply in respect of any liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, or for fraud. Our liability for those types of loss is unlimited.


You may contact us by telephone, email or post, using the contact details set out on our contact page. To avoid delays in processing any request or instruction, we recommend you contact us by email. Cancellation of membership must be by email or post.


We may contact you by telephone, email or post, using the contact details you provide to us. It is your responsibility to inform us promptly if any of your contact details change.


We may change any of these terms by giving you at least six weeks' prior written notice. No change to these terms will take effect during your minimum membership period.


In these terms, the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

board: each grid of 50 main numbers and twelve lucky star numbers used in EuroMillions.

draw: the weekly EuroMillions draw (but not any any other draws associated with EuroMillions including but not limited to "Mega Friday" or "Mega Weeks", "UK Millionaire Maker", "European Millionaire Maker" or "UK Monthly Bonus Draw"). If more than one EuroMillions draw takes place in any week (Sunday to Saturday inclusive), then we shall choose beforehand which of those draws is the draw which applies to the services.

EuroMillions: the lotteries collectively known as the "EuroMillions Game", operated as independent lotteries in a number of territories by the co-promoters of the EuroMillions Game, and together having a shared prize fund, a common draw and a common game mechanic.

game description: the description of the systems by which we allocate boards to each syndicate, as set out on our website (currently at http://www.eurochance100.co.uk/winning_system.htm.

initial cancellation period: the period commencing on the date of this agreement and ending when we deduct your first membership fee payment, as set out in the section above headed "Initial cancellation period".

membership account: the account in which we hold your share of any proceeds.

membership fee: the monthly fee payable by you to participate in each playing period.

minimum membership period: the minimum membership period of three playing periods, as set out in the section headed "Cancellation of membership by you", above.

playing period: each period beginning on the 15th day of one month and ending on the 14th day of another.

prize money: any money received by us from EuroMillions pursuant to any draw.

proceeds: the amount payable by us to each syndicate corresponding to prize money received by us, as further described above under "Prize money and proceeds".

services: the EuroMillions syndicate service we provide to you under these terms.

syndicate: each syndicate of 100 members to which we allocate you for a playing period.

your share: the amount payable by us to you in relation to each draw, as set out in the section headed "Payments to you", above.


  • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that take part in the Direct Debit Scheme. The efficiency and security of the Scheme is monitored and protected by your own bank or building society.
  • If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change, we will notify you normally 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.
  • If an error is made by us or your bank or building society, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by contacting your bank or building society. Please also contact us to inform us of the cancellation.

(Complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

To : DTD European Services Limited, Knoll Business Park, Old Shoreham Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7GS, email: info@eurochance100.co.uk, telephone number: 0800 0355 590

I hereby give notice that I cancel my contract with you for membership of the eurochance100 syndicate.



Signature:............................................................(only if this form is notified on paper)


Crown copyright 2013.

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